Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rodriguez Journal Post #5

 What is the role of information literacy for teachers and students?

Teachers use information to assist with the development of lively curricula, update academic knowledge, and answer student’s questions.

Student use information to write paper essays, prepare for exams, develop personal talents, and propel their quest for knowledge.

The internet has become the key source for information for both teachers and students. Almost all schools and classrooms have access to the internet.

The internet is immensely important as an educational tool both in terms of how teachers use it professionally and how students learn to use it academically.

Students in the 21st century need to learn to develop the skills and understandings included:

  • Digital and information literacy the information found in various electronic sources
  • Media literacy: The capacities to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate messages in a wide variety of forms.

Students begin their literacy skills at an early age and grade level. However, many college students find it difficult to evaluate, use and understand information efficiently and ethically. These patterns further reinforce the importance of information and media literacy as essential skills in our increasingly computer and information driven society.

Tech Tool


Information enhances the way teachers and students interact during the school day.  Teachers use information to prepare to teach and students use information to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what the teachers are presenting in the classroom. When I first started this course I was using the images on google image and our professor stated that I would not be allowed to use these images because they did not come from an accredited site.  I did not realize that the photos where not useable till I read this chapter.  Now I have three new sites that I can use to find pictures and other creative visuals that I can incorporate in my blogs.  Another thing that was part of many students learning experience is learning to do research using accredited publications or scholarly journals.


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  1. For clarification - you can use Google image search, but just like Flickr search, you need to go to ADVANCED search to filter for images that are Creative Commons/allowed to share. Even then, you need to give credit to the photographer and provide a link to the original website. So, it looks like you may need to check these images as they don't have credit provided and may not be copyright-friendly?

    There is so much on the internet and we definitely need to know/model and teach students how to find the valid and reliable information. This chapter definitely hits upon some key points.