Friday, February 28, 2014

Rodriguez Journal Post # 7

How do teachers use technology to promote problem solving and inquiry learning among students?

Problem solving and inquiry learning use real-world situations and issues to actively engage students.
There are steps that need to be taken by the students that will allow them to be effective problem solvers.
  • Understanding the problem
  • Using problem-solving strategies
  • Checking results

Many student have difficulties with open ended problems.

It is important that teacher incorporate the students' own interest makes problem solving and inquiry learning  to engage the learners.
Problem based learning requires the student to research the problem, issues, and questions that do not have one right answer. 

 The student must use a process of:

  •  Asking questions

  •  Assembling evidence

  •  Drawing conclusion

  •  Evaluating results

There is a program called STEM at work which allows students to participate in real world career exploration.   

The is also a place called Wannado City that schools would take students on Field Trips to so that they could explore real world career and problem solving that is required in these fields.

Tech Tools

Using Computers to teach problem solving skills allows students to focus on both simple and complex problems based on the students grade level.   Simulation games in math and science tie economic and social outcomes to the in-depth problem solving experience.



Problem solving is a key element to daily life. Children as taught at a young age how to ask question, analyses the responses and draw a conclusion as to what needs to be done to solve the problem. Based on the child's age and knowledge the answers to the same question can very.  As student develop their problem solving skills teachers are using more computer generated activities to keep their student engaged in the problem solving and real world career experience.
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  1. Great video enhancements in this post - it is amazing how many gaming tools are out there and how they can be effectively used in the classroom. I have watched students get totally engaged with Scratch and having worked with it myself, I know the important problem solving skills that are being developed. The right games can definitely be used for increasing higher level thinking skills.