Monday, March 31, 2014

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How can technology engage and inspire learning for diverse students?

Multicultural education is a term used to describe how teachers go about affirming the expansive diversity of student interest, needs, and talents present in every school classroom.

James Banks states that all students regardless of where they come from or physical characteristics should have a equal chance to learn in school and participate in all programs and activities.

Sparking an interest is a key element within a group that is diverse.  What are their common interests and how can a teacher capitalize creating lessons around the group’s interest.

Integrating technology that allows students to obtain knowledge regarding information they have never been exposed to help students realize that their dream may not be out of their reach.

Technology can assist with making culturally relevant curriculum and instruction available to students as they learn how math will help them in real world situation.

Creating teaching and learning situations in which students can work together allow for student cross culture, racial, language, and gender boundaries on common projects together using technology.
Student benefit when their classroom goes beyond its four walls and into real world events and situations. Technology gives students the access to any type of information they can think of or what to research.  Teachers can utilize virtual field trips, translation materials and ways to expand communication between students and teachers during class as well is outside of school.

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Technology is doing its best to bridge the gap in diversity within the classroom.  It allows students to participate in communicating and working with students with different backgrounds.  Teachers are becoming more empowered when it comes to working with groups of diverse students.  The more familiar the students are with the technologies that they have at their finger tips the better they will understand what they are capable of as an individual.  The more exposure they have to new technology the easier it will be for them to transition from education to the workforce.  


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  1. Technology has done a fantastic job to 'equalize' opportunities for all students - as classroom teachers, we need to continue to tap into that. Again, somewhat of a balancing act. Good video enhancements, but remember that they don't stand alone - text related content is important for framing them. :)