Sunday, March 30, 2014

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What is multimedia technology and how can teachers use it to effectively create and share visual information dynamically in their teaching?

There are a wide variety of multiple media available that will allow teacher to create a real world within their classroom.


Multimedia sparks the student’s interest in the material being taught as they can participate in activities and engage themselves with their fellow classmates both in and outside the classroom.  Multimedia encourages the student to think activity and respond with creativity and critical thinking.
The use of technology gives teacher the opportunity to be creative in how they prepare lesson plans and deliver classroom instruction.  Many teachers are using technology to create a shared learning environment for their students.

Multimodal learning: occurs when teachers combine spoken words with visuals or written text with audio or utilize simulations and models.

Tech Tools

                                           Power Point

Smart Class


Today’s classroom teachers are required to establish a dynamic that will allow student to use as many of their scenes as possible.  The use of multimedia technology does just that as students are engage in real world activities established by the teachers outline and guidance. The students can work together to develop strong team working skills or they can work independently to establish their critical thinking and time management skills. Technology allows teachers to bring the outside world into their classroom and give their students a head start on what real world is all about.

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  1. There are so many ways to tap into diverse student needs with the variety of multimedia formats out there these days! And, you are right about the relevancy for today's audience with the increase in student engagement. Still, I believe that video and other multimedia is often the victim of poor choice in the classroom - sometimes, it is relied upon without much purpose.